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How to Transition to DevOps

During his latest webinar, Shawn Powers discussed DevOps, specifically how organizations can make adopting a DevOps approach a smooth process. He touched on some key DevOps-based tools, why they might work best for you, and how you get up and running with them.

Here are timestamps of some of the highlights of Shawn’s webinar:

00:45: DevOps 101: What Exactly is it?
03:41: Challenges that Come With DevOps
07:37: Importance of Starting Small
09:39: Developer Considerations for DevOps
12:58: Configuration Management Tools
15:00: Chef in Action!

About Shawn

Shawn Powers has been an IT trainer for more than a decade and joined CBT Nuggets in 2009. His areas of expertise include Linux, open source tools such as Chef and Puppet, and integrating multiple platforms into larger networks.

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