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This Week: Transitioning to Lightning

How far have CRMs come? Born as digital Rolodexes (remember those?), CRMs have grown into sophisticated platforms that track and measure interactions with a customer base. But companies like Salesforce are moving the technology beyond sales and retention. CRMs of the future will be the nexus of advanced analysis, intelligence, and big data. The future is bright — and scary — for the CRMs of the future.

6 Signs Salesforce Classic is Fading Away
The signs are clear. Salesforce Lightning is finally ready for primetime. Importantly, that has some big implications for Classic. You can just look at the Salesforce Spring 2018 Release notes to know Classic is on the way out. We did.

What We Learned from T-Mobile’s Lightning Migration
In 2015, T-Mobile migrated to Salesforce Lightning, reducing a 120-click B2B selling process down to eight clicks. They presented their migration experience a couple years ago at Dreamforce. With the latest Salesforce release, we thought there was no better time to dust it off. You can learn a lot from their processes.

What’s the Next Big Thing with CRMs?
The next generation of customer experience tools will release their business users from a life of data entry — and encompass the entire customer journey. After all, CRMs are just pretty databases with a few user-friendly features bolted onto them. Their power lies in their data and using that data to create business insights.

WEBINAR: 5 Things Salesforce Lightning Does Better
You’ve been hearing about Lightning for years, and if you haven’t transitioned from Classic yet, the time has come. Earlier this year, Salesforce released some of the features that Lightning needed to finally be ready. Start learning Lightning before Salesforce retires the Classic view.

Next Gen CRMs Will Be Built For Humans
The road to a user-friendly CRM is paved with good intentions. Unfortunately, it’s strewn with the UI disasters of a thousand CRMs that didn’t make it to the software stage. Salesforce reigns supreme in this space, and even it recently rebuilt its user experience from the ground-up with Lightning. Here are our predictions for the next generation of CRMs.


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