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This Week: Why Office 365 Works For Orgs

This week on the blog we highlighted subscription services, specifically Microsoft Office 365. Here’s the recap of content covering why subscription services rock, why product migrations can be challenging, and even a Q&A with Jeremy Cioara!

How Subscriptions Solutions Make Sense

Not every solution is going to be perfect for every organization. But in many cases, you can’t go wrong with a subscription service, such Office 365. Here’s why subscription services are catching on in the corporate world.

5 Reasons Why Migrations Fail

Whether it’s a software program or an operating system, there’s a certain protocol that you should follow when performing a migration. Here’s why migrations fail — and how you can avoid repeating history.

Webinar: Q&A with Jeremy Cioara

To celebrate the recent completion of his IT Expert: Office 365 Domain Structure, ADMT, and Federations course, we turned Jeremy Cioara loose. He answered questions from learners about his new course and all of their other curiosities.

How AI Boosts Office 365 and Your Org

Microsoft has expanded artificial intelligence capabilities for Office 365. Did you know that AI can now provide insights from Excel data within Office 365? Discover other ways that AI rocks Office 365.

The 3 Most Underutilized Services in Office 365

There are a lot of services included in Office 365. Really, it includes so much more than just Microsoft Word and Excel. We looked at some of the services that might get overlooked and how they can help an organization thrive.


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