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This Week: Why IT Matters

It’s 2018. It’s impossible to say that IT doesn’t matter. It’s also hard to say it’s not boring — and that’s a good thing. When the infrastructure itself is boring, it allows businesses to focus on the things that matter rather than load capacities, outages, or hardware. This week, we’re looking at where IT matters to individuals, companies, the bottom line — and even a few places where IT doesn’t matter (that much).

How to Make your IT Job Boring
Your IT job can be boring either because it doesn’t challenge you or because you’ve already put in a lot of effort and infrastructure to make it uneventful. There’s a big difference between the two. Here’s how to make your day a little less exciting — in the best way possible.

How to Make Every Dollar of IT Investment Go Further
There are two ways to make your IT budget go further — switching to a better solution or making your processes more efficient. Ideally, you’ll do both. Most IT departments grow organically in a piecemeal fashion. At a certain point, it’ll make sense to rethink your system, audit its components, and develop a long-term procurement strategy that weights efficiency higher than cost.

5 Challenges Facing IT Pros in 2018
There has never been a better time to be in tech. It’s also never been easier to break into the field. Every company needs IT support in one way or another, and there are simply not enough certified professionals to go around. But these trends mean some unique challenges lie ahead for IT pros in 2018. Here are a few.

How to Define IT Project Success
When you’re pitching a project, it’s easy to get caught in the classic mistake of overpromising. After all, you want your project to get funded. But overpromising will inevitably lead to a big letdown, so it’s important to reasonably define project success in a way that’s fair to the technology, company, and you. Here are a few ways to reach that balance.

How to Effectively Roll Out a New Technology
It seems like the more expensive the solution, the more people complain about it. You probably have entire ecosystems of tools that people begrudgingly use — or maybe don’t use at all. The adoption of new (or even existing) technologies in your office isn’t an IT problem. It’s a management opportunity.


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