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This Week: When Certs Retire

Despite regular exam reboots, certifying organizations can barely keep up with the changing technology landscape. With the retirement of Network+ N10-006, we thought we’d take a look at the new CompTIA Net+ exam, and the moving target of technology certification.

CompTIA Released Network+ N10-007 Exam

In case you haven’t heard, CompTIA retired its three-year-old Network+ exam for the newest version this month. Every three years, CompTIA reboots its exams to better align with the skill sets you’ll need in the real world.

Why Not Have Lifetime IT Certifications?

There have been a lot of certification exam changes in the past couple years. We’re now almost exactly a year out from the big MCSE certification retirement at Microsoft. Cisco is already at work for their reboot of CCNA. This month, CompTIA retired the Network+ exam. It begs the question: Why aren’t certifications good for life?

Network+ N10-007: The Inside Scoop with Keith Barker

In this 30-minute webinar, Keith Barker talks about what’s new with the latest Network+ exam update from CompTIA, what’s the same, and how you can successfully prepare for the new exam.

How to Prepare for the New Network+ Exam

With each new exam version from Network+, CompTIA changes up the objectives to align with recent technologies. These are important changes that keep their exams current and your skills validated. Consequently, you’ll probably need to prepare a little differently for this version than previous ones.

Your CompTIA Cert Retired: Now What?

CompTIA retires its exam certifications every three years. So, what happens to your existing certification? It depends. Here’s what you’ll need to do to remain current with the most popular CompTIA certifications.


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