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How Subscription Services Make Sense

Microsoft, Adobe, and Symantec are just a handful of companies that have moved their popular softwares over to a subscription service. When you own a development company, you might wonder if this model of business makes any sense. Here is why you should consider subscription-based services to improve revenue and sales.

Before You Spend Thousands on Licenses…

Let’s say you have thousands of computers to update, and you’re not quite sure what application that you want to use. For instance, you might want Office 365, but you’re not sure if it’s the final solution for your organization.

A subscription service usually offers a lower upfront cost, making it ideal for experimenting with different software and determining if it’s the service you need. Once you determine that a software is right for your business, you can invest more money and install the full version on user desktops.

Let’s use Office 365 again: If you find that Office 365 is not right for the organization, it was a low $9.99 per month investment that you can easily cancel. Then it’s just a matter of finding the solution that best meets your organization’s needs.

Cost-Friendly Option for Solo Acts

When it comes to software, you get what you pay for. Most good, reliable software on the market is expensive. To purchase a Home version of Microsoft Office 2016, it costs $149.99. A subscription to Office 365 for $99.99 for the year or only $9.99 each month.

Although the total cost at $9.99 each month is more than the $99.99 for the total year, it’s affordable for those unable to make the yearly costs up front. This can be an advantage to both businesses and individuals. A business makes more revenue from the subscription model and the individual user is able to afford higher-quality software because there are no high upfront costs.

Another good example is this model is Adobe Creative Suite. The full package for the year is $800, but this is too expensive up front for many users. So Adobe allows users to pay monthly for the components of Creative Suite that works for them.

Need a Testing Environment?

Organizations that rely on testing environments may find subscription services ideal. There’ll be lower upfront costs, fewer bugs on your system, and multiple applications or services can be tested simultaneously.

Updates Pushed Quicker and More Regularly

Often times with subscription services, vendors push updates much more frequently — and sometimes even require them during renewal. Not only are more frequent and quick updates better for preventing security threats, but they can resolve existing issues or bugs within the current version.

These are just a few reasons why subscription services make sense for both individuals and organizations. Is it time for your organization to consider subscribing to services? Explore Office 365 today.



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