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Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Investment

If you’ve spearheaded a cloud migration at your organization, you know it’s no small feat, from the pre-migration analysis and planning to the careful and sometimes time-consuming execution.

But your work isn’t done once your organization moves to the cloud. For your company to reap the benefits of this investment, you need to be able to support the team members who will be working with the cloud, as well as make sure you know who and how to recruit in order to support your cloud investment in the future.

Keep the Cloud Simple and Customized

Never has the phrase “work smarter, not harder” applied more than when you’ve moved your technology stack to the cloud. You now have the platform in place to enable productivity and collaboration for your team and across the entire organization — as long as you keep it simple and custom-fit to your unique workplace.

If you were a part of the plan to move to the cloud, you made a lot of careful decisions about which vendors to choose, necessary security protocols, and so on. With all of the possible options you had to choose from, it’s clear that one size does not fit all. That’s still true, now that you’ve implemented cloud technology.

You don’t have to get everything perfect right from the start (and allowing room for improvement and growth is crucial, as we’ll cover later), but it is important to be just as careful with your ongoing choices as you were in the planning phase. While you scale your processes, introduce new applications, and look for ways to improve, continue to seek the simplest solutions that are best for your organization. That will help keep employees productive and simultaneously support the business’s bottom line.

Security, Compliance, and Scalability Are Key

Getting the most out of your cloud investment requires protecting that investment. Security and compliance are are always essential; it’s key to make sure that the technology you select meets your organization’s security and compliance needs now, but can also scale efficiently for the future.

The cloud can offer full, extensive visibility and control when it comes to security, but that can become expensive. In order to continue to provide the highest levels of security, enlist your team members, as well as company leadership, to create and maintain a long-term security strategy. You may decide to hire new infosec professionals, or invest in additional controls.

Promote a Culture of Learning and Growth

As with any large initiative, your move to the cloud was probably not painless and you may still encounter some unexpected issues down the road. Don’t panic. With a few deliberate choices, you can reap the benefits — even when issues do arise.

Now more than ever, it’s important to evaluate the success of your cloud infrastructure, from the migration itself to the new processes that spring up in its wake. This may come in the form of lessons-learned meetings or post-mortems, open forums for feedback from involved teams, and so on. In the cloud, your technology and people alike should be able to continually iterate and evolve.

Post-cloud move, your team members’ roles may shift. The boundaries around system administration, database architects, and other roles may become less distinct as some responsibilities are automated and individuals take the opportunity to learn new skills. Support them in this effort. It’s essential to continue to invest in training and development for your team alongside the investment in cloud technology.

Successful journeys take time and attention. As with any technological change, work in the cloud is not as simple as flipping a switch and letting business proceed as usual. By taking some intentional steps toward supporting your teams and planning for the future, you’re sure to get the most out of your organization’s cloud investment.


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