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Emphasize Learning for Long-Term Employment

In the IT industry, attracting and retaining top talent is an ongoing challenge. Businesses try everything to remain competitive, including boosting salaries and offering the best perks. Not only do hiring managers pitch great vacation and medical benefits, they also often gain an edge with offerings like iPads and catered lunches.

But to truly build a winning team, today’s businesses need to demonstrate a willingness to invest in their employees. Professionals realize that in order to remain relevant in the marketplace, they need to keep their skills current, which means ongoing education and training. Yet, if they’re working long hours for your business, they don’t have time each night to study and test to get those certifications.

By giving employees the support and resources they need to advance professionally, you’ll see less worker turnover, which will help your business grow. Here are a few other things to know about supporting your employees in their career advancement goals.

An Investment in Your Business

When your business employs certified IT professionals, it elevates your entire profile. Whether you’re seeking investment dollars or trying to land new clients, showing that highly-credentialed workers maintain your network infrastructure and associated systems makes a big difference.

In a survey conducted by CompTIA, 92 percent of employers say that IT certifications help ensure the credibility of IT employees. Your IT department needs to make sure your business’s leadership team fully understands the value of these certifications and how they can improve the company’s overall credibility.

As an IT manager, certification will also help you identify the team members most worthy of promotion. Since not every worker will take advantage of your offerings, you’ll be able to use certification as a measure to see which employees are most invested in improving themselves.

Access Is Easier Than Ever

In recent years, online learning options have made it easy for professionals to get the IT certification training they need. Your employees can access the study materials they need online and take time each day to read and learn.

On the day of the test, employees will need to go to a location to complete the process, but all studying can be done at their desk or during free time throughout the day. To make it easy, pay for certifications as part of your benefits package and encourage employees to take advantage of the perk.

As employees complete each certification, acknowledge it in a team meeting or celebratory luncheon. This will give other employees incentive to take the steps to get certified themselves.

Overall Productivity Will Improve

Certified employees are more productive, according to a study from IDC, outperforming their non-certified IT counterparts in important job duties. After taking the courses necessary to ace the test, your workers will have the education to help them resolve even the most complicated issues, while non-certified employees would need to take time to research.

When your IT teams are more productive, your business benefits from a more efficiently run IT infrastructure. The time they might have otherwise wasted getting up to speed on various issues can be put toward keeping your network and its apps and devices safe from malicious attacks. Often, you’ll find that your non-certified employees defer to those who are certified for issues they can’t solve on their own.

IT certification can help give your team the boost it needs. Not only will you improve the overall credentials of your business, you’ll also show your employees that you care about their future career success. Whether they choose to stay with your company throughout their career or move on after a few years of experience, you’ll become known as a business that offers certification as a perk, making it more likely you’ll have top candidates waiting to come to work for you.


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