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This Week: Evolving Your Team with Training

You’ve heard it a million times. People are your most important asset, but what are you doing to develop them?  Building a training program is one of the highest return on investment activities any manager can develop.

Are You Evolving Your Team with the Technology?
If you’re like most businesses, you’ve adopted at least one new technology in the past couple years. Whether that’s a cloud solution or Salesforce Lightning, you likely either trained your IT staff or hired people to implement the system. But have you trained the rest of your team how to use that technology?

Why Every Business Needs Better Technology Training
It’s now 2018. In some ways, your technology investments have made your IT team’s job easier. In others, technology has made their jobs tougher. With new technology comes the need to train everyone on that technology, which often falls on your IT team. They have plenty to do without worrying about whether their users can use Salesforce, iOS, and even Microsoft Office products — and yet that’s still a concern.

How to Hire and Retain Curious People
Companies like Google emphasize curiosity above all else in their hiring process because curiosity is the key to innovation and creativity. These traits are hard to ferret out from a resume, though. You’ll have to read between the lines and listen carefully to your candidates. Finally, once they’re hired, it’s up to you to feed that curiosity with structured education, a culture of learning, and reward systems.

Every Employee Deserves to Be Properly Trained
You probably put a lot of time and resources into recruiting top talent. Are you putting as much effort into training the team you recruited? Every employee in your company needs training regardless of their skill level — from the C-suite to your front-line service staff.

3 Reasons to Improve Your Employee Training Program
It’s not popular to say, but technology isn’t the answer to all your business problems. As a leader, you know that your people are the company’s most important asset. The true path to gaining operational efficiencies remains in your team and how they use technology, which means you’ll need to train and empower them.


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