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New Course: Transition to Salesforce Lightning for Business Users

CBT Nuggets trainer Jamie Grettum recently released her new Transition to Salesforce Lightning for Business Users course, which covers the exciting features offered in the Lightning edition of Salesforce.

A few years ago Salesforce redesigned the Lightning Experience from the ground-up, focusing on user actions rather than records. With that improvement in mind, Jamie Grettum built the course with real-world application in mind, using hands-on examples to teach users how to master Salesforce Lightning.

We asked Jamie about her new course and how you can get more out of your training:


Who should take this course?

This course is designed for experienced Salesforce Classic users at all levels who are migrating to Lightning. The switch to Lightning is a significant change. Organizations do not have time for users to spend weeks hunting around for the familiar tools and features. I teach them how to do all the “auto-pilot” actions, plus take advantage of the new time-saving features in Lightning.


What’s really so different about the day-to-day between Lightning and Classic?

From my perspective, Salesforce Classic users were inadvertently taught to use Salesforce as a reference database — a giant, expensive phone book. The screens were focused on data entry and data lookup. Lightning is a workspace where customer work is planned, accomplished, and logged. The Lightning features keep users focused on action — progressing deals, qualifying leads, or resolving customer cases. There is much less time spent looking at data in fields.


What’s your favorite new feature or functionality in Lightning?

It’s a toss-up between the Kanban views or the new Opportunity workspace. Both keep users focused on what needs to be done next on a lead or a deal while making it incredibly easy to keep data updated.


You can still switch between Classic and Lightning. Why would someone want to switch views?

I am challenging users to try and NOT switch back to Classic for 14 days. Even if they are not sure where to find a familiar feature or tool, stay in Lightning and challenge yourself to figure it out. With some exceptions, for users in a fairly standard setup, everything they need is available in Lightning. Users may need to switch to access the recycle bin, or possibly some sharing features.


Why do you think Salesforce adopted Kanban as a view?

Kanban views will change the way Sales users approach Opportunities. At a glance, a user can see all deals, the current stage, and whether there are planned actions logged on the deal. Within seconds deal stages can be updated and tasks can be planned and logged for future action. No more struggles trying to figure out where to focus the day — the Kanban tells you. And, as of the Spring 2018 release, Kanban views are available on almost any object in Salesforce — custom or standard.


Jamie Grettum brings a wealth of Salesforce training experience to CBT Nuggets, having spent more than 15 years as a virtual trainer. Her Salesforce expertise is highly sought after, and she has been a speaker multiple times at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s marquee event.

Start diving into Transition to Salesforce Lightning for Business Users today!


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