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This Week: Wireless for Business

Nearly half of all internet traffic now occurs over wireless connections. Because of this growth, practical wireless networking skills are a must for IT pros.

To celebrate all things WiFi, along with CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara’s latest course IT Expertise: Building and Configuring a Business Wireless Network, we explored wireless, from the physical principles that make these networks possible to ways to get WiFi experience.


5 Rookie Wireless Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them

Everyone building a wireless network for the first time makes mistakes, and those mistakes can cost you, making your network unreliable or – at worst – unsafe. Some mistakes are common, but most are fixable with these clever solves.

How to Choose the Perfect Wireless Setup

Shopping prowess isn’t necessarily a skill that shows up on IT job descriptions, but it should be. Every IT pro has an equipment wishlist. If you’re looking to build a wireless network, this guide will help you make smart choices.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About How Wireless Works

Understanding the physical properties that underpin wireless internet can be the key to efficient troubleshooting. Here are 5 facts about how wireless works that will help you make your wireless work better, faster, and in more places.

3 Ways to Get Business Wireless Experience

How do you get experience good enough to put on your resume? Jeremy Cioara shares his tips for getting real-world experience with wireless networks to make you a valuable hire for almost any organization.

10 Tips for Managing BYOD for your Office WiFi

BYOD is a practically mandatory part of the modern wireless office network. But how do you keep Bring Your Own Device from becoming Beckon Your Online Doom? Here are 10 tips for managing all the devices raining down on your WiFi network without sacrificing security.



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