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This Week: The IT Turnover Game – Manager Edition

We spent the week digging into the challenges that face managers, team leads, and CIOs as leaders in one of the highest turnover fields — IT. We explored strategies managers can use to retain top IT talent, indicators that your IT team members might be thinking of leaving, how terminations can trigger growth for employees and teams, tips and tricks for managing super IT talent, and more.

5 Top Retention Strategies for IT Managers
IT has one of the highest turnover rates of any industry. As a manager, it’s your job to hold onto your top IT team members, even when they may be inclined to consider other opportunities. We explore five retention strategies to help ensure you keep the best on your team.

6 Signs Your IT Talent is Thinking of Leaving
They say hindsight is 20-20, and as a manager, when you look back after a top employee gives notice, you sometimes kick yourself for not seeing it coming. We look at some of the biggest indicators that your top talent is looking for other opportunities — so you can be proactive about keeping your team intact.

Developmental Terminations: Firing for Employee Growth
Arguably, the hardest part about being an IT manager is making the tough decision to terminate an employee. But a termination can be — and should be — a developmental process. We look at ways to make sure terminations are conducted with appropriate compassion — and how your team can bounce back.

Building Team Unity After a Layoff
In the wake of a layoff, it can be hard to rebuild team unity. As a manager, you may have to work to redistribute responsibilities and alleviate concerns, all while possibly having to rebuild trust with your team members. We dig into some of the most effective ways to manage a team after a termination.

Managing Super IT Talent
One of the best problems you can have as an IT manager is figuring out how to manage your most talented team members. These team members may require little supervisory attention, but in order to make sure they feel valued, it’s wise to keep connected with them. Figuring out how to achieve that balance can challenge even the best managers. We explore some management strategies for working with the superest IT superheroes.



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