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This Week: Everything Linux

This week, we’re celebrating everything Linux! CBT Nuggets trainer and a former Linux Journal editor Shawn Powers has been busy this year. In addition to his Ansible Essentials course, he has taken on a massive, Everything Linux course that he’s releasing in five- to 10-video modules. So far, he’s completed the scripting and SSH modules. When complete, the course will be 100 videos.

Why Linux is More Secure than Windows
It might take a little getting used to, but it’s come a long way in the past decades in terms of usability — and security. Structurally, Linux has its advantages when it comes to security, but there are also some user factors to consider. Here’s why Linux is more secure than Windows.

3 Best Scripting Editor for Linux
If you’re using Linux, you’ll at some point find yourself in a situation where you only have access to the terminal. In that case, you’ll want something that highlights your syntax, points to typos in your code, and generally makes life easier. Here are our favorite scripting editors for Linux.

6 OS Certs Every System Admin Should Have
As a system admin, you’re typically a jack of all trades, which means having operational knowledge of every OS out there. You can save time by simply certifying on these six key operating systems.

8 Reasons to Revive an Older Computer with Linux
You likely have an old box sitting around somewhere. Despite the fact that they’ve probably passed their useful life, reviving them can be a fun side project while learning Linux. With a small hardware investment and a little time, Linux can revive about any piece of hardware.

What Can Linux Do that Windows Can’t?
With the recent partnership between Windows and Linux, this list has shortened a bit, but there still a few things that just make sense in Linux. Here’s our list of things that Linux does, not so much better, but in a different way.



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