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New Course: Skype for Business – End User

CBT Nuggets trainer Simona Millham recently released her new Skype for Business End User course, which serves as a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s powerful enterprise collaboration software.

Confidently connect with teammates regardless of location — and unlock advanced features to make business communication easy.

Simona covers the essential features that Skype for Business users will use daily, including instant messaging, voice and video calls, managing contacts, setting up and running meetings, and managing recordings.

We asked Simona about her new course and how you can get more out of your training:

Who should take this course?

Anyone who works for an organization that has implemented Skype for Business — either as an on-premises or online deployment, or as part of Office 365. In 2017, that was about 100 million users, and that number will grow as Microsoft folds Skype capabilities into Teams.

If I’m an experienced Skype user, what can I expect to learn? Any advanced features?

You’ll probably pick up a few tips and tricks along the way, but I think it’s the meeting features that often tend to be overlooked. They are well worth exploring, even if you are an experienced Skype user.

Can Skype for Business really replace a desk phone?

Yes, absolutely! Provided your organization has purchased the appropriate licenses from Microsoft and enabled “Enterprise Voice,” Skype for Business integrates with the public telephone network.

What’s your favorite feature of Skype for Business? Why?

IM and online meetings! As a remote worker myself, it’s easy to feel isolated, but these kind of technologies can really help to bring geographically dispersed team together.

What are the benefits of training a team on Skype?

You paid for the software, so use it! The primary benefit is making sure that the organization maximizes their investment in the purchase. It would be such a waste if users only use 10 percent of the features available!

Many organizations find that they save money when they use Skype for Business effectively. They have more meetings and fewer travel expenses. They’re also able eliminate redundant tools for conference calls, video calls, and customer webinars.

Simona Millham has shared her passion for everything Microsoft Office-related for nearly 20 years. Now a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Simona was first drawn to Office because she enjoyed discovering all the features within programs such as Word and PowerPoint.

Start diving into Skype for Business today!



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