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New Course: Microsoft OneNote

CBT Nuggets trainer Simona Millham recently released her new Microsoft OneNote course, which teaches learners how to use Microsoft OneNote, the freeform information gathering product used to capture notes, drawings, web clippings and audio recordings.

In this 25-video course, Simona teaches you how to work with text, audio, video, tags and so much more as you allow ideas and information to flow between teams and peers.

We asked Simona about her new course and how you can get more out of your training:

Q: Why should companies train their employees in OneNote? What value does it bring?

Well, anyone who wants to be more efficient with their research and note-taking will benefit from training in OneNote, but one of the biggest reasons I see companies looking to train their employees in this tool is to help them get the most out of their newer, portable devices. OneNote has been around for years, but I think until you have a device portable enough to take to meetings, it’s hard to ditch the paper notebook in favor of an electronic one!  So with rollouts of new devices such as the Surface Pro, it’s a great opportunity to train people in OneNote.

Q: Who should learn OneNote? What kind of career can Microsoft OneNote skills set you up for?

Absolutely anyone and anything! Especially now that OneNote is a free product from Microsoft, I think it’s a must-learn technology! It has a large student following because of course students take lots of notes, but anyone who takes notes, does research or gathers ideas should learn OneNote.

Q: Any out-of-the-box tips for learners to get the most out of your course?

If you’re new to OneNote, then it probably does make sense to work through it from the beginning, but if you have some experience, then just jump in and watch the Nuggets of most interest!

Q: What’s one real-world application someone can expect to use, thanks to this course?

Organizing notes and researching like never before!

Q: What course(s) or certification(s) should learners complete before diving into your OneNote 2016 course?

None. You can just dive straight in.

Q: What course(s) or certification(s) should learners look to jump into after they complete your OneNote course?

Nothing in particular, but I’d like to think that learners would be inspired to follow some of my other courses to learn about some of the other Microsoft Office technologies, such as Teams, Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. There’s so much to discover!


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