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This Week: Educating Users About Security Awareness

Sometimes, employees can be the biggest threat to their organizations’ security. Maybe their password isn’t strong enough, maybe they aren’t using multi-factor authentication, the list goes on. This week, we covered the importance of end-user security awareness — and how you can make your users and organization safer from threats. Here’s the recap:

  • 10 Security Practices Your Users Are Ignoring
    IT pros and SysAdmins like you do a lot to keep networks safe. But users also need to do their share; there are a lot of quick and easy things they can do. Here are the security awareness best practices all users should be following.
  • 3 Worst-Ever User Security Fails
    Sure, you’ve heard about companies sustaining massive data breaches. But sometimes the biggest threat to an organization’s network could be its own employees. Here’s a look at some of the biggest user fails ever.
  • 5 Common Security Threats & How Users Can Prevent Them
    When it comes to IT security, you have to be proactive. Not reactive. During this webinar, security guru Keith Barker addresses five common security threats and how end users can prevent them, saving IT teams time and headaches.
  • Creating the Perfect BYOD Environment
    Allowing users to access company networks with their personal devices can open up a new realm of security risks. Explore how you can create an environment that’s BYOD-friendly without compromising the organization’s network and data security.
  • How to Build a Compliant Security Awareness Program
    Making sure your users are up-to-date on the latest security awareness practices and training isn’t only a matter of keeping your network and data safe. Sometimes, user training is highly encouraged by the government. Here’s how to build a compliant security awareness program.



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