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5 Biggest Pitfalls of New Agile Adopters

If your organization is trying, or struggling, to adopt Agile and finding that your business culture isn’t a perfect fit, you’re not alone. Learn about the biggest traps new Agile adopters fall into and how you can prevent or correct them.

In this webinar, trainer Simona Millham explains how to smooth your transition to Agile and make your development process quick, responsive, and a positive experience for your team.

Here are the pitfalls she addresses and their timestamps:

  • 0:49 – Not Getting Senior-level Buy-in
  • 3:33 – Not Staying True to Agile Principles
  • 7:19 – Not Enough Education
  • 9:26 – Not having the Right Roles in Place
  • 11:21 – Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

Learn more about Agile with Simona’s Agile Essentials course.



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