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5 Awesome AWS Storage Types

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become the most popular cloud services provider in recent years, as businesses realize the value of outsourcing their solutions to a trusted provider. Amazon has earned its reputation by providing a top-quality service with its tech offerings. The company provides affordable storage with scalability and reliability that is unmatched among cloud competitors.

Another aspect that puts AWS ahead of the competition is its many options. With multiple storage solutions available, businesses can easily choose the setup that meets their unique needs. Here are five of our favorite AWS storage types.


Amazon S3

Scalability is the top goal of Amazon S3, making this solution ideal for businesses that have fluctuating storage needs throughout the year. S3 also integrates with a wide variety of third-party applications, which is a big help to businesses that ebb and flow.

Businesses that choose S3 will also find that the solution’s 99.99 percent availability means their files are pretty much always available when they need them. All of this at an affordable price that can help a small- or mid-sized business stay within its budgetary constraints.


Amazon Glacier

Affordability is the big draw of Glacier, which is marketed as extremely low-cost storage. However, Glacier is designed for storing data that doesn’t need to be retrieved on a regular basis. This solution is ideal for end users who have a need to archive large volumes of data that they’ll rarely access, if ever.


Amazon EFS

Amazon’s Elastic File System (EFS) was the first product to work with several Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. EFS gives administrators the opportunity to grant specific file permissions across their storage. Like the other options, EFS scales to meet a business’s demands from one month to the next, but it is slightly more costly than other options.

This will be the best solution for businesses with a heavy demand for file storage, as well as organizations that work with a variety of files and applications, including content management, enterprise applications, and media.


Amazon EBS

Elastic Block Store (EBS) is designed to be used in conjunction with Amazon EC2, with data only storable when the two are connected. This limits scalability, making it a better solution for businesses that have steady storage needs because additional space will need to be purchased.

The EBS pay-per-use model can help save some businesses money, though, since they’ll only pay for what they use. Due to its focus on consistency and low latency, EBS is ideal for businesses that run demanding applications like data analytics software and SQL databases.


AWS Snowball

Today’s data-heavy IT environments mean that information often needs to be transferred from one place to another. Snowball is designed to make such transfers easy without incurring astronomical network usage fees. Instead of paying a high-priced developer to write code to push a transfer, admins simply move data using the Snowball appliance, with no limits.

In addition to businesses that regularly transfer large amounts of data, Snowball is also popular with companies that are located in an area where access to high-speed internet is limited since it can perform the transfers without a fast connection. Amazon has a list of conditions in which Snowball is ideal on its FAQ page.


If your business is in need of storage solutions, Amazon is a name you can trust. If you need to learn how to use AWS, then CBT Nuggets is also a name you can trust.

With so many storage options available, you can easily find the right solution to fit your needs. We only covered five storage types here, but Amazon offers many, many more storage solutions to fit all of your needs.


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