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Why Salesforce Classic Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Salesforce Lightning brings some fresh new features to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that has been at the forefront of the industry for years and collected an army of followers along the way. As with most newer programs, it is not perfect… yet. These imperfections are one of the reasons you might not want to make the big switch from Classic to Lightning.


Territory Management

One aspect of Salesforce that you should evaluate is your use of its territory management. Territory management is the Classic feature that enables sharing of accounts based on certain characteristics of the account. Accounts and sales reps can be part of multiple territories, or you can manually assign accounts to territories. Lightning does not yet have the ability to handle this functionality.

You use the Setup area to search for Territory Management in the Quick Find to see if it’s enabled in your organization. Customizable forecasting is not available in Salesforce Lightning as of the winter 2018 release, which is something that you must enable for Territory Management to function. If your team has territory management enabled in Salesforce, making the jump to Lightning might be more hassle than it’s worth.


Other Features Not Included

If your organization puts a lot of emphasis in the customer service arena, you might want to pump the brakes on transitioning to Lightning. Public Knowledge Base, Live Agent, and Macros are just some of the features that are not yet supported in Lightning.

There are many more features that have limited functionality in Lightning, such as Entitlements. Communities are limited as well, in that you cannot create or disable certain types of users and you can no longer use delegated administration.

Love reports and dashboards? Put your pie charts to the side and be aware that pie charts, Report Folders, Joined Reports, and Report Notifications are not yet supported in Lightning. Dashboards cannot be scheduled through Lightning, and Visualforce components are not available either.


Make Your Jump That Much Easier

The aforementioned features are a few of many that limit Lightning’s current effectiveness, and as you can imagine Classic users are slow to adopt the new version. They know from experience that with each new release comes new and exciting updates, and it’s only a matter of time before all of the wrinkles are ironed out and all of the gaps are bridged.

Salesforce hears your concerns and realizes that the decision to transition to Lightning is a big one. So, they have many adaptable options in place to help you and your users if you want to forge ahead. You can allow only certain profiles to see Lightning or specific users, and any user who has access to Lightning can also toggle back to Classic as needed. This enables you to create power users, or at least have users that can start testing the waters.

Salesforce has also created Lightning Readiness, which is a process that scans your org and emails a report listing specific areas or items that need attention. This allows you to address any potential issues ahead of time. And let’s not forget your Sandbox! Get in there and play, and make some documentation for your users while you are at it!

Some old timers might never want to let go of Salesforce Classic, or will grumble about having to learn a new user interface. Lucky for us all, there is no date yet for the sunset of Salesforce Classic and it is still being supported. You have time to play with Lightning, teach your users to increase adoption, and post ideas for enhancements to the new user interface and available features.



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