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This Week: A New Era of Microsoft Collaboration: Teams

We spent the week exploring Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to better understand how Microsoft can help you collaborate. We celebrated the launch of Simona Millham’s new course, dove into how to optimize collaboration tactics, reduce the size of your email inbox, and even evaluated real-time chat tools.

  • 7 Effective Strategies for Collaboration with Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams (among other real-time collaboration tools) offers you the opportunity for unprecedented collaboration in your work. We explore seven strategies to effectively use collaboration to make you more productive and efficient in your work, without getting bogged down in useless chatter.
  • Real-time Chat Tools Smackdown: Microsoft Teams vs. the World
    The number of real-time chat and collaboration tools is increasing at an astounding rate, which makes your job as a SysAdmin more complicated. So, to make your life a little easier, we take a critical look at some of the top tools and how Microsoft Teams stacks up.
  • Is Microsoft Teams the Email Killer?
    Everyone wants to reduce the number of emails in their inbox. Everyone. Could Microsoft Teams be the technology to kill off email? CBT Nuggets trainer Simona Millham walks through how Teams, together with other Office 365 services and some minor tweaks to Outlook, might just be the email killer we’ve all been wishing for at work. Join Simona for a 30-minute webinar that shows how Microsoft Teams provides real-time communication that could drive a stake through the heart of your bloated email inbox.
  • 6 Reasons to Love Microsoft Teams and Office 365
    Real-time collaboration is a game changer, making your team more effective, efficient, and, well, collaborative. Microsoft Teams brings a new level of collaboration to Office 365 users, especially for remote employees. We explore six reasons to love the integration of Teams with Office 365 and what it all means for you as a SysAdmin.
  • Microsoft Teams: Taking Collaboration to the Next Level
    Microsoft Office 365 combines with Microsoft Teams to provide a powerful resource for collaboration across teams and departments. We explore how Microsoft Teams works with Office 365, and give you a few pro tips to get more out of this amazing tool.

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