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This Week: VMware vSphere 6.5

To celebrate the recent release of Keith Barker’s vSphere 6.5 course, we took a deep dive this week into the latest version of VMware’s flagship product, the certs you need to become a virtualization pro, and we even pondered the future of virtualization.

  • What’s New: vSphere 6.5 vs. vSphere 6.0
    Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that VMware released vSphere 6? And now you’ve got to get up to speed on the newest, latest iteration… vSphere 6.5. Don’t fret, we broke down what’s new with the product as well as the cert.
  • 4 Virtualization Certs You Need in 2017
    Virtualization is a necessary technology — and with VMware’s vSphere 6.5 now on the market, there’s never been a better time to add virtualization to your IT skill set or to hone your existing skills. We highlight the virtualization certs you need to become a star.
  • How to Build a vSphere 6.5 Home Lab
    Nothing beats hands-on practice. It’s vital to understanding a technology. In this week’s webinar, trainer Keith Barker, we discussed how you can build a home lab that enables you to really learn how to leverage vSphere 6.5 to meet your needs!
  • How vSphere 6.5 Works with AWS
    Virtualization and the cloud are a match made in heaven, meaning they work well together. With that in mind, we took a look at how vSphere 6.5 works hand-in-hand with Amazon Web Services. Get ready, it’s mind blowing.
  • Is Virtualization’s Future Bright?
    There’s no question about it, virtualization now is a staple of IT operations for many organizations. And VMware is still the virtualization king. So what’s next? We gaze into the crystal ball and predict how virtualization will continue to make an impact across many areas of IT.

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