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This Week: Everyday Should Be SysAdmin Day

In honor of SysAdmin Day, we spent an entire week exploring the center of your universe  your ticketing system. We pointed to the hypocrisies, frustrations, moments of levity, and even a couple shockingly-not-so-simple etiquette guides to navigate the modern office’s many modes of communication. Don’t forget that we have all the training a SysAdmin could ever need to learn new skills, get better at your job, and, ultimately, progress your career.  

  • 6 Types of Support Tickets You’ll See on the Help Desk
    If you regularly use a ticketing system, you know that not all tickets are created equal. Some are long. Others are short. There are tickets accompanied by phone calls and flybys. A few leave you scratching your head and muttering. And every so often the Unicorn appears in your queue: The perfect ticket.
  • 4 Tips for Quicker Support from Your IT Department
    Dear users: It might seem like we’re always asking for a ticket. Here’s not only the why, but also the how. The helpdesk cares. We really do. Like everyone, though, we have certain rules and procedures we need to follow and that we request you follow, as well. Thanks for contacting IT support.
  • How to Write the Perfect Ticket as an IT Pro
    We’re all hypocrites when it comes to ticketing systems. While we expect users to write a ticket completely bereft of useful information, we expect more from our those within the pipeline. Your colleagues will have basic expectations of how to write the perfect ticket.
  • 8 Essentials of Professional Chat Etiquette
    Let’s face it. You were probably just chatting or texting with someone whose desk you can see from yours. That’s life. But, work is still work, and sometimes you need to be professional via chat. With some remote jobs actually performing interviews via chat, it’s a good time to brush up on your professional chat etiquette.
  • The Ultimate Rulebook for When to Chat, Email, or Call
    Has an email ever come off as aggressive? Or an unexpected phone call as strange? It’s happened to us, which left us wondering if we could write out the social contract that is multimodal office communication. Here’s what we figured out.

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