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This Week: DevOps

Whether you like it or not, DevOps is changing the IT and dev landscape. Perhaps not everywhere, yet, but it’s coming. First popping into existence in 2009, DevOps has a short, but nomadic, history. It was a movement that turned into a toolset, which can now best be described in individual job roles. In nine short years,  DevOps has taken shape.

  • 10 Best Tools for the DevOps Pro
    DevOps is a sea of change that many people say is a long time coming. DevOps is a system. It’s a career field. It’s also a set of tools to help the entire pipeline coordinate as a single, awesome entity. Here are the best tools for the DevOps engineer.
  • How to Build a Competitive DevOps Resume
    The DevOps career field has become highly sought after among IT pros. Now that things are getting competitive, it’s time to take a look at your resume. Even if you’re not in a DevOps shop, you can still build a competitive DevOps resume.
  • Why You’ll Never Automate Yourself Out of a Job
    We’ve all heard the stories about people who script their jobs into non-existence, spending their days watching movies or surfing Reddit. Obviously, you don’t want to turn over a piece of code that totally eliminates your job. We argue that automation won’t make your job go away — it’ll just make your job easier.
  • Is DevOps a Good Career?
    As DevOps shapes into a formidable career field, it’s important to ask this simple, basic question: Is DevOps a good career? It’s also a tricky question because DevOps is a movement, not necessarily a career path. And yet, DevOps is showing up in more job titles. We address both aspects of this question.
  • 4 Ways DevOps Has Taken Shape Since 2009
    In the beginning, DevOps was a movement. Then it became a tool set, which helped implement the bona fide DevOps method, and now a career — sorta. As DevOps continues to change the way IT and dev teams operate, it’s also interesting to look at how the understanding of DevOps has evolved since the term became widely known back in 2009.

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