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This Week: Civil Service: The Good, the Bad, and the Unbelievable

This week, we wrote in depth about the relationship between civil service and IT (that is, government jobs). In addition to discussing tips for applying to federal jobs, we also dispelled common myths about the role of IT in government and shared advice about transitioning from military service to civilian IT roles.

  • Roadmap to Success: DOD 8570 and 8140 Compliance
    Any IT pro hoping to work with the Department of Defense needs to be compliant with DOD Directive 8570, which requires particular certifications for various roles and clearances. We lay out how to earn the IT certs that will make you desirable for federal government jobs.
  • How to Beat the Bots on
    If you want a job with the federal government, your first hurdle is the USAjobs website and its layer of filtering bots. We share the secrets that will save you from getting booted and increase your chances of getting the job.
  • Government IT Jobs Fact vs. Fiction
    Government IT pros are usually cast as the quirky comic relief to the grisled and world-weary Kiefer Sutherland types in TV shows and movies. We explore the actual work that government pros do — and how you can do the same type of work!
  • Green to Grey: Guide to Your First Civilian Job
    Making the transition from serving in the military to a civilian IT position may seem daunting. After all, what really compares to military life? Don’t worry, though. We put together a guide to help make your transition a whole lot smoother.
  • 6 Greatest Wins in Government IT
    The government supported the fundamental research that brought us such technological leaps as the internet itself — thank you, DARPA. Take a journey with us through the dazzling peaks of U.S. government IT.

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