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This Week: Salaries in IT

This week, we spent time looking IT certifications and roles and how they tie to salaries. Money isn’t everything, but let’s be honest: IT pays well — and we all have bills to pay. Here’s a look back at what we discovered and shared.

  • 5 IT Certs that Will Increase Your Salary
    As an IT pro you need to always be learning and keeping your skills up to date. We explored several certifications that not only boost your knowledge, but also your wallet.

  • 5 Surprising High-Paying IT Jobs
    It’s no secret that IT, in general, pays pretty well. But every now and then, there are some positions in the field that have shockingly good salaries. We identified five such roles. Are you ready to be surprised?
  • 4 Best Entry-level IT Positions
    So often, we associate the term “entry-level” with salaries on the same level as the intern. But starting at the bottom doesn’t mean you can’t get paid well. Discover five introductory IT roles with impressive salaries.
  • 3 IT Roles That Will Decline by 2020
    The rise of certain technologies means some IT roles might be in less demand or go through drastic changes, sooner rather than later. We highlight five IT positions that could be at risk the next several years.
  • The 5 Definitive Best IT Jobs
    Let the debate begin. What are the five definitive best IT jobs out there? We found ours. Do you agree or disagree?

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