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The 5 Definitive Best IT Jobs

This week, we looked at IT jobs with regard to salaries. While bringing home the bacon is important, you also have to consider what other positives might come with a job. Insurance, retirement, and vacation are great, but some positions also offer slightly different perks. Let’s dig into five somewhat off the beaten path jobs with unusual benefits!

1. SpaceX: Various Positions
Private space travel has exploded in the past few years with companies promising to pick up the reins that NASA dropped with their retirement of the Space Shuttle. SpaceX, in particular, is leading the way with their Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon 9 is the first rocket to launch a commercial payload, autonomously land, and later relaunch. The ability to relaunch the Falcon 9 offers the potential to remove the greatest expense of space travel: the use of one-time use launch vehicles. SpaceX’s ambitious plans include sending a crew to Mars by 2024.

With facilities in California, Texas, Florida, and Washington, the company is constantly hiring IT staff. Yeah, you successfully fixed some networking problems at work yesterday, but does that network run launch systems at Cape Canaveral for a rocket bound for the International Space Station?

Greatest perk: Leading the advancement (or demise) of humanity.

2. Wonton Food, Inc.: Head of IT/Head of Purchasing/Chief Fortune Writer
Wonton Food, Inc., of New York, manufactures four million fortune cookies a day. As profiled in this recent podcast, employee James Wong wears many hats. He heads up their IT, purchases all the ingredients to make fortune cookies, and writes the fortunes for all their cookies. We think he’s missing out on a fantastic opportunity to crack a new niche market, IT Fortune Cookies. Here are our top five IT fortunes:

– Avoid unnecessary gambles by installing updates on a Friday.
– A pleasant surprise awaits in your inbox – no new helpdesk tickets.
– You will have unexpected good luck when upgrading your VMware hosts.
– A friend will be visiting you soon to ask you to setup email on their new phone.
– It’s always DNS.

Greatest perk: Unlimited fortune cookies to take home.

3. McMurdo Station: Network Administrator
Maybe civilization isn’t your thing. Cars, buildings, politics. Meh, who needs ‘em? If only you could get away from it all, maybe to somewhere a little more rural… like Antarctica. Well, you’re in luck, because there is an opening this winter for a Network Admin at McMurdo Station. While all living expenses are paid, one former employee on Reddit gives a better picture: You live in a dorm, work over an 18 mbps satellite internet connection shared among 1,000 people, and um… it’s cold.

Greatest perks: An easy commute and 24-hour daylight.

4. Red Bull F1 Team: Systems Administrator
This amazing article describes any gearhead’s dream job: Traveling with an F1 race team to manage the racks of servers they haul around to monitor car performance. Formula 1 rules limit the number of staff a team can have, however, so you’re required to pull double duty on the pit crew operating a jack for 2.5-second tire changes. No pressure.

Greatest perk: You’re on an F1 pit crew, what else do you want?!

5. Death Star: IT Staff
As the galaxy’s leading technological terror, our empire’s flagship battle station has greater need than ever for talented network engineers! Experience in Cisco is a must, because, as we all know, Cisco is the preferred vendor for galactic empires everywhere. Only rebel scum would pick any other vendor! Cisco, themselves, have reached out for help in the mammoth undertaking of architecting such an enormous network, so you know the need is great!

Maybe analysis is more your thing. Never fear, the Emperor has great need for skilled data scientists! Called the Sexiest Job in the Galaxy by the Alderaan University Business Review, data scientists serve a tremendous purpose aboard the Death Star! On-board personal and IoT droids generate almost nine exabytes of data every year. Will you help to identify trends and rebellion locations in that data?

Greatest perk: You’ll definitely never be blown up since there is zero weakness in the station. Long live the Emperor!

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