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This Week: The Convergence: Microsoft and Open Source

We spent the week exploring Microsoft’s embrace of open source, and particularly, Linux. We discussed the open source skills Microsoft masters should learn, what Microsoft knowledge and skills open source gurus need to conquer, learned more about Windows Server 2016, prognosticated on the developing relationship between Linux and Microsoft, and finally, dabbled in the certifications and training pathways that we expect will lead to success in this new era of openness.

  • The Microsoft Embrace of Open Source
    Microsoft’s “walled garden” approach to its products has gone the way of the dodo (and we don’t miss it). Microsoft is now embracing open source in ways that both surprise and delight. We explore how Microsoft’s new openness is changing how IT pros go about their work with Microsoft products.

  • Open Source Skills for the Microsoft Master
    You’re a Microsoft master. You conquered the skills and knowledge to administer nearly any Microsoft product, blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back. But Microsoft’s new embrace of open source has you flummoxed. We dig into the open source skills you need to reclaim your master status!
  • Roadmap to Success: MCSA: Windows Server 2016
    CBT Nuggets offers guidance to learners pursuing Microsoft’s MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, including next certification steps, career considerations, and more. The certification includes a surprising emphasis on open source for the administration of its newest server product, requiring a new skill set of IT pros.
  • Microsoft Skills for the Open Source Guru
    For you, open source technologies are child’s play. But what’s this? A new open source challenge in Microsoft? Excellent. We take a look at the Microsoft training and skills you need to take your open source mastery to the next level in a new era of Microsoft openness.
  • Linux and Microsoft: Frenemies to the End
    Microsoft’s sudden embrace of open source is great, but we should probably expect some bumps in the road as Linux and Microsoft learn how to work together. We dive into some of the inevitable obstacles IT pros can expect when these two enemies-turned-besties come together.
  • A Certification Blueprint for Linux on Microsoft
    It’s a whole new world now that Microsoft is embracing open source. Which means it’s a whole new certification landscape for the IT pros who administer Microsoft products. We lay out the certifications and training you should pursue to be most effective in your work.

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