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This Week: Everything Cabling

You may have aced your IT certification exams, but being an IT pro requires skills and knowledge that aren’t always covered in certs. There are practical skills that every working IT professional uses every day that can be hard to get experience with until you’re actually on the job. But thankfully, our new IT Expertise course gives you enough insight into these skills to ace a job interview and get your foot in the door.

Jeremy Cioara’s Installing Network Cabling and Devices course focuses on practical tips for real-world application of your networking skills. So this week we explored the physical infrastructure of the internet, both how to put it together and install it, as well as career advice for those without significant cabling experience, and fascinating facts about device and technology breakthroughs.

  • Improve the speed, coverage, and reliability in your home network by approaching it as a lab. Learn to do a min-network assessment, how to optimize your WiFi, where to place your devices, and how to configure your equipment.
    Why Your Wi-Fi Sucks and How To Fix It
  • Have you ever wished you could make custom cables to fit your specific network needs? With a few specific tools and the right information, making your own custom cables is both simple and cost-effective.
    Make Your Own Custom Cables
  • Many certified IT pros are surprised by interview questions about cabling. Prepare for the unexpected and get experience with physical infrastructure and cabling from the comfort of your own home lab.
    Cabling Skills for Job Interviews
  • Real IT pros installing network devices find themselves sweating, panting, and crammed into vents and crawl spaces, like John McClane on Christmas. We gathered some of the most extreme cabling stories from our trainers and community for your reading pleasure.
    Extreme Cabling
  • From the cables that lie at the bottom of the ocean to the multi-million dollar private pathways of high-speed trading firms, we explore the biggest and smallest, deepest and tallest, and overall strangest network connections that keep the web worldwide.
    Top 6 Cables and Devices

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