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This Week: All About SDN

This week, we discussed the widespread growth of software-defined networking and how it could be creeping into an office near you, if it isn’t already there. We talked about how SDN can help you in the workplace, how it plays with big-name vendors like Microsoft and VMware, how much you can save taking on an SDN and some career paths that you can go down with SDN.

  • Software-defined networking centralizes and simplifies control of enterprise network management. The main premise of SDN is to help networks keep pace with a growing speed of change. We discuss some of the key benefits of SDN and why it might be worth thinking about for the future of your organization.
    3 Benefits of Software-Defined Networking
  • Microsoft is making strides in equipping its primary server product with features that support evolving networking requirements. The driving force behind these strides is software-defined networking. A focus on virtual network elements like the Hyper-V virtual switch and gateways make Windows Server 2016 run that much smoother. Read up on the latest additions to Server 2016 that are going to take your networking game to the next level.
    How SDN and Server 2016 Play Nice
  • Successful network admins should explore all of the potential that software-defined networking can offer, both to optimize the total cost of ownership for an organization and to help accomplish more with fewer people. Learn about the customization opportunities, increased speed, and overall cost-effectiveness that you can achieve with SDN.
    How Much Can You Save with SDN?
  • The recent surge in software-defined networking infiltrating enterprises and service networks leaves admins wondering whether or not their career is in jeopardy. We offer a list of jobs that you can start thinking about today that showcase an understanding in this new process that might just be here to stay.
    5 Jobs You Can Get with SDN
  • Even with growing competition in the virtualization market, VMware holds a unique position as an innovator in virtualization and was among the first to use specific software-defined data center technologies. With a growing need for efficiency, speed, and security, VMware is constantly advancing its SDDC to be a forerunner and is maintaining its hold on the SDN market.
    Is SDDC a Worthwhile Venture for VMware?

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