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The Best of IT 2017


Sometimes it’s just fun to look at the best (or worst) of something. In our last installment, we looked at the highest paying IT certs, the best entry-level certs, most expensive and difficult exams, and the best certifications to help you survive the singularity.

This week, we looked at the most difficult certifications, best certifications to keep up with the latest trends, most popular degrees to start your career, and the most interesting IT jobs on the face of the planet.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What are the coolest IT jobs in the entire world?” We have. We thought about them in terms of prestige and flexibility, and then went out onto the internet to find the most intriguing IT jobs that weren’t on our radar. 6 Most Interesting IT Jobs You’ve Never Heard About

If you want to take down some of the baddest certs in the information security realm, we have a list for you. We dove into the online chatter, made some calls, and came out with a list of the biggest security certs to hang on your wall (and your resume). Good luck! 8 Most Difficult IT Security Certifications

There are always rumors about the highest paying jobs in any industry. You know what we’re talking about. Someone has a friend in finance who makes six figures, or you might know someone cleaning up in healthcare MSPs. We sought to confirm or deny those rumors about the best sectors for IT. 5 Highest Paid Job Sectors for IT Professionals in 2017

IT pros are increasingly multidisciplinary, and it’s showing up in job listings. You know the hardware, software, and the theory behind moving data from one place another. Now, figure out how to make the most of the data that’s flowing with these certifications. 5 Top Business Certifications for IT Pros in 2017

We get loads of questions all the time, and here’s one of the inquiries we hear most often: “What degree will land me a job in IT?” There are some obvious choices, like, well, a degree in information systems, but there are so many more. 8 Best Degrees to Start your IT Career

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