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This Week: Microsoft SharePoint


We dedicated this week to Microsoft SharePoint, setting you up with tips for building your career around the popular product — and introducing a counterpoint argument for why you shouldn’t. We explored certification pathways, how to transition from administering SharePoint to becoming a SharePoint developer, and even took a tongue-in-cheek look at the marriage of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

  • As more organizations are turning to SharePoint to facilitate their success, smart IT pros are taking the time to master the technology. We offered five tips for building your career around this incredible tool that is changing how business is done.
    5 Tips to Build Your Career Around Microsoft SharePoint
  • CBT Nuggets offers guidance to learners pursuing Microsoft’s new MCSE: Productivity certification, including next certification steps, career considerations, and more.
    Roadmap to Success: MCSE: Productivity
  • Workplace productivity tools rise to a whole new level when admins combine Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint. We explored how these products interconnect, giving end users a seamless experience while empowering IT pros with powerful administrative tools.
    Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint: The Perfect Marriage
  • Taking the next step in your career might mean developing custom code for projects deployed to or that interact with your Microsoft SharePoint environments. We shined a light on the steps you need to take to move from simply administering your SharePoint environments to truly optimizing the product.
    From Managing to Developing: The Next Step for a SharePoint Career

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