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Cisco vs. Juniper


We spent the week comparing and contrasting Cisco and Juniper networks, pros and cons of each vendor, explored blended networks, and even dared to ask: Rebellion or Empire?

  • We take a look at why Juniper can be a better bet than its competitors and why it’s good for both users and networking professionals.
    5 Reasons to Choose Juniper Networks
  • We compare and contrast Cisco and Juniper to find out which network comes out on top. Are you a member of the scrappy networking Rebellion or an elite of the Empire?
    Networking Wars: Cisco vs. Juniper
  • Cisco still dominates the industry as the premier networking vendor for enterprise solutions. We explore how Cisco continues to prove its value and why Cisco will continue to rock.
    6 Reasons Why Cisco Networks Rock
  • We explore the pros and cons of blended networking environments, where products from competing vendors work together to meet the needs of the organization.
    The Blended Network Environment
  • Choosing the right certifications to map your networking career can be complicated. But with a little help from our expert trainers, we offer an infographic to help you map your perfect pathway.
    Mapping Your IT Networking Career Pathway

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