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Two Simple Strategies to Supercharge Your Training


Testing your knowledge throughout your learning experience is, arguably, one of the most effective ways to ensure your success. Testing improves retention and recall, as well as your ability to stay calm and score well on certification exams. So, as you approach your training, it’s wise to plan on self-testing. Here are two simple strategies to improve your retention and ability to perform at your best when it comes time to sit for your certification exams.

Strategy 1: Quizzes

Quizzes are embedded in CBT Nuggets course videos and designed so you can confirm your understanding of video content. Quiz notifications will appear in the player window, alerting you to opportunities to check your comprehension of topics discussed in the video. Quizzes allow you to ensure that you are making progress through every step of your learning journey!

So, how else do quizzes help you learn? They help motivate you to learn!

First, they help you demonstrate your learning. You can see through your quiz performance just how well you’re understanding the content. Next, quizzes help you identify content you need to spend more time with to improve your comprehension.

E-learning guru and designer Stephen J. Meyer said, “Learners are more likely to be motivated to fix deficits that they identify on their own.” When it comes to quizzes, we give you the chance to identify your strengths and challenges on your own.

Successfully completing quizzes allows you to earn “validated minutes” and a place on the CBT Nuggets training leaderboard. Compare your performance against other members of your team, or against the whole of the CBT Nuggets learning community!

Strategy 2: Practice Exams

While the quizzes allow you to check your comprehension along the way, you should use Transcender® Practice Exams if you’re planning on taking a certification exam at the conclusion of your training.

Meyer said giving “learners a ‘conceptual or operational framework’ for assessing themselves [amplifies] the results of training.” Practice exams give you a means of amplifying your learning!

Transcender® Practice Exams offer a variety of features to help you maximize your learning and preparation for certification exams.

Research shows that your memory and retention clocks in at a whopping 75% when you practice by doing.

When you replicate the test conditions (i.e., time constraints, question types, content), you are preparing yourself for success precisely because you are improving your memory and retention of the content, as well as the testing conditions. Take advantage of Transcender’s Optimize Exam Experience, Preset Exam Experience, and TranscenderFlash options to get more out of your practice exam experience.

Get more out of your practice exam experience with these Five Ways to Utilize Practice Exams.

Supercharge Your Training: 4 Ways to Test Knowledge

Using a combination of quizzes and Transcender® Practice Exams helps supercharge your learning and preparation.

  1. Test-as-You-Go (Quizzes)
    Improve your learning with quizzes integrated directly into the CBT Nuggets learning experience as you build confidence and reinforce key concepts throughout your training.
  2. Optimize Exam Experience (Transcender®)
    To optimize your exam experience you may configure your practice exam to suit your individual study needs. By optimizing your exam experience you can select items by exam objective, set study preferences and control how your answers are accessed.
  3. Preset Exam Experience (Transcender®)
    The Preset Exam Experience provides a practice exam that is timed and functions to approximate the real exam environment. Use Preset Exams to determine your readiness for the actual certification exam. Within the Preset Exam Experience, no answers are provided until you have completed the exam.
  4. TranscenderFlash (Transcender®)
    TranscenderFlash presents hundreds of questions in a flash-card format that allow you to review concepts in a self-graded, untimed, low-pressure environment. TranscenderFlash exams are previews of the concepts that will be covered by the actual certification exam.

Take full advantage of quizzes and Transcender® Practice Exams to achieve your training and certification goals.

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