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IT Teams of the Future

IT teams have to have an eye on the future, tracking shifting business behavior and trends. To prep yourself or your team for the future, you’ll need to develop the skills that support the work cultures and technologies of the future.

From preparing for more remote workers to supporting the Internet of Things, IT teams of the future will be heavy on communication and collaboration.

Here’s a summary of the skill set you’ll want to develop to stay competitive.

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Communication and Connectivity

Translators As workplaces demand greater tech savviness from their workforce, IT professionals will increasingly bridge technology and end users, demystifying IT jargon for colleagues and customers.

Communicators Cross-organizational collaboration continues to grow, and the ability to negotiate, clearly communicate (read, write, as well as speak clearly and effectively), and build relationships will continue to be critical.

Collaboration Wizards An increasingly remote workforce will demand seamless connectivity infrastructure and savvy project management.

Enhance your communication and connectivity skills with IT project management, Agile, and other soft skills.

Management and Business Strategy

Digital Leaders As every corner of business becomes more reliant on technology, from collaboration to analytics, IT management will be moving to the boardroom to propel the whole of the organization forward.

Budget Mergers IT budgets will likely begin to be merged with other organizational departments, forming larger resource pools, as businesses become increasingly dependent on IT for all aspects of functionality.

Enhance your management and business strategy skills by diving into ITIL, and PMI training, with an emphasis on project management, and business intelligence training.

The Internet of Things is Real

Data Wranglers By the year 2020, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Businesses will need to manage and wrestle meaning from massive data streams this is the Internet of Things.

Data Guardians More data means more vulnerability. IT teams will need to develop high-quality security protocols and innovations.

Enhance your IoT skills by exploring big data, cloud infrastructure, configuration management, and security training.

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