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5 Simple Tasks to Manage Team Training


Managing an IT team is an exercise in triage. You never have enough time to do everything you want, and you’re lucky if you have the manpower to do everything you need. On top of everything else, how do you manage a robust training program for your team?

Here are five simple and direct tasks you can implement to jumpstart planning, tracking and motivating your team’s training.

1. Define goals

There are many methods of defining goals and the key element in all of them is to have a clearly communicated and measurable outcome of what specifically needs to be accomplished by the team members and when. We gathered some tips in the past regarding goal-setting, specifically, but goals are key to achieving success.

2. Make a plan

As an admin, you can set training expectations via shared CBT Nuggets playlists. Create and share playlists with your team that include both specific courses and/or selected videos. In addition, we offer certification playlists for some of the most in-demand certifications directly on our site. We have also have additional resources to help you manage your playlists on our YouTube channel.

In addition to playlists, learners on your team can also create a weekly study plan using our customizable template.

3. Build accountability

Once the goals for your team have been established and communicated, the next step is to build accountability. Ensure everyone stays on track with their learning plans. Take advantage of our Accountability Coaching services for you and your team.

Your Accountability Coach works with you to design a practical plan that’s tailored to the needs and abilities of your team, and helps you find ways to manage and track training, as well as motivate your team. Speaking of which…

4. Incentivize and motivate

Are you familiar with the acronym WIIFM? It stands for “What’s In It For Me?” and it is human nature to feel a need to uncover an individual payoff in anything we’re asked to do. As a team manager you can leverage this by incentivizing your training program, with anything from gift cards to public recognition, which will help your team members understand the WIIFM aspect while also increasing employee performance. If you’re not sure where to start, we have our own ideas for building out your training program.

In addition, we provide you with a valuable means of building competition around your team’s learning plan with Quizzes and Validated Minutes. Your team leaderboard fosters friendly competition around learning. Your team can even compete on the global leaderboard, which lists the top 25 validated minutes earners out of more than 100,000 CBT Nuggets learners.

5. Follow-up and inspect

Finally, maintain your team’s training momentum thorough routine inspection and follow-up. Our reporting capabilities and validated minutes leaderboard are great ways to identify top learners and recognize them!

The leaderboard is the quickest way to get a sense of your team’s training progress. But, you can also drill down into the specifics of each team members’ training habits with training reports. As an admin, you can always require quizzes for your team by adjusting your settings.

With these five simple steps in mind, you and your team are well on the path to learning success with CBT Nuggets!

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CBT Nuggets has everything you need to learn new IT skills and advance your career — unlimited video training and practice exams, virtual labs, validated learning with in-video quizzes, accountability coaching, and access to our exclusive community of professionals.

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Not a CBT Nuggets subscriber? Start your free week now.

CBT Nuggets has everything you need to learn new IT skills and advance your career — unlimited video training and Practice Exams, Virtual Labs, validated learning with in-video Quizzes, Accountability Coaching, and access to our exclusive community of IT professionals.

Learn more about the CBT Nuggets Learning Experience.


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