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Professional development success begins with identifying the essential elements of a training program. Explore five easy steps to build your own program.

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Even if you’re building a training program from scratch, there’s plenty you can do to encourage a robust training culture at your office. Communicating your priorities around training is essential. Without establishing a training infrastructure, you run the risk of losing your training investment.

Create SpaceDesignate a conference room or other space where training happens for a few hours each day.

Allot Time Establish clear expectations for your team around training time for the week. Keep in mind that just 10 minutes a day will add up to more than 60 hours of training in the course of the year.

Incentivize Training Incentives can demonstrate the value of training, improve team attitudes, serve as an effective recruiting tool, and increase short-term success rates.

Celebrate SuccessBe intentional about celebrating your team and their achievements. Whether it be a recognition program, gift cards, bonuses, or simply verbal recognition at the next team meeting, take steps to celebrate success in order to repeat it.

Put it in WritingClearly articulate your expectations for the team by drafting an official training policy. Use the policy as an opportunity to identify goals, limits, rewards, and requirements.

Building a training program lays the foundation for your team’s ongoing success. It provides the infrastructure needed to ensure team members’ growth and development, making your team more effective and efficient.

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