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5 Reasons to Go Open Source


Have you ever used a computer, tablet, or smartphone? Of course you have.

So, at some point, you’ve also probably paid for an operating system (say, Windows?) or applications (maybe on iTunes or Google Play?) That’s all fine, but you didn’t need to pull out your wallet in most cases because there’s a myriad of free open source products at your fingertips!

Maybe you have reservations about open source. We get that.

Here are five excellent reasons to expand your horizons and give open source tech a chance.

1. Penguins are Quality Animals… Just ask Linux

There are three major operating systems currently dominating the market: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Only one of them, however, is free. But don’t make the mistake of thinking Linux’s awesome price tag means compromised quality. In fact, its robust combination of stability, security, and configurability makes it appealing to both individuals and organizations.

Linux is arguably the best example of how awesome open source is because it provides a quality OS that’s easily accessible in terms of cost and code!

The downside: There’s a learning curve, albeit a small one, for installing and learning Linux.

2. It’s Totally Configurable

While Microsoft and Apple aren’t going to let you play with their source code, open source platforms do. (Hence, open source.) This access opens the doors for configurability, security, and stability, opening up possibilities that are mind-boggling.

For example, with open source, you can fix your compatibility issues by manipulating the code however you need. If you don’t want to be hindered by guidelines and hidden source code, open source could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Why not make the change and improve your applications so they do exactly what you want, not what the application wants?

3. Security Through Transparency

It’s easy to trust something you can access freely and see for yourself. One of the many benefits open source provides is security because the source code is available to anyone.

Being able to go behind the scenes into the base code can help you identify threats and fix problems much quicker. We can all agree that technology isn’t perfect and it sometimes it just plain doesn’t work.

So, the ability to trace security issues is extremely enhanced with open source providing a safer medium to work through.

4. Active Community = Constant Improvement

When assessing open source tech it’s important to check the history and reviews (message boards, chat forums, etc.).

The good news is the open source community is vibrant and active! Many open source products have an entire community of contributors behind them who provide constant updates and improvements, creating a fast, up-to-date, and user-friendly product environment. The result for the end user? Stable, bug-free (relatively), and constantly improved interfaces!

So, make sure to do your research and get the open source products that best fit your needs, and hopefully for free!

5. Five-Finger Discount! (The Totally Legal Kind)

Price can be a huge barrier when it comes to technology. But that’s the beauty of open source, it’s all about being accessible, flexible, and cost-effective.

We touched on this with Reason #1, but we can’t stress enough that most open source tech is free, making it ideal to explore without having to worry about your budget. In addition to price, you know what else most open source tech removes?

The pain of having to deal with salespeople, licenses, etc. Being hassle-free is always a good thing. Honestly, the biggest barrier to open source is getting started.

There are plenty more reasons you should give open source technology a whirl. What have you got to lose? Browse our entire open source training library and discover your next passion.

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