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Develop of a Culture of Training

Managers have the power and opportunity to create a culture that values training! Explore strategic steps to create an empowering training environment.

Create space and make time — Designate a room for training. Let team members sign up to use it.

Motivate — Incentives inspire less motivated employees, and reward motivated ones.

Celebrate success — Start a formal recognition program, build leaderboards, or just say “congrats!”

Put it in writing  Create an official training policy. Identify goals, limits, rewards, and requirements.

Measure your team’s progress with these strategies:

Minutes Trained — Establish clear expectations for dedicated training time (i.e., 2 hours per week), then refer to CBT Nuggets’ reporting features to see if they’ve been met

Practice Exams — Use practice exams before and after training to track progress.

Certifications — Certifications are the best way to validate training.

Create study plans — Set goals and realistic expectations for time spent training. Set weekly benchmarks; they’re flexible, but encourage regular progress.

Incentivize training with these strategies:

Training can be your team’s chance to break away from the grind of day-to-day work. CBT Nuggets trainers love what they do and enjoy creating training that entertains. Real examples of training fun from our learners include:

Race to Train — An IT team member and manager had a race to see who could earn five certifications first. And the stakes were high: the loser had to host a full-size, cardboard cutout of the winner in their office for the next year.

CosPlay Quarter — One team committed to training in full superhero costumes for three months.

Practice Lab Reward — One manager offered to build a top-notch practice lab in the home of the first learner on their team to certify.

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