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8 Biggest IT Stories of 2016


This year we’ve provided you with hundreds of blog posts on a variety of IT topics.

We broke the news about CCNA v3.0. We brought you training tips, webinars, and even helped you figure out your IT destiny. You responded on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with your thoughts, comments, and feelings about these posts.

But, just like in life, 80% of success is showing up. And you showed up to the blog in the tens (and hundreds) of thousands this year.

These were the most popular posts from 2016, so we’re bringing them out for one more lap.

8. Open Source Tools Every IT Pro Needs to Know

Whether you’re in operations or development, this is a list of must-have tools for effectively running your organization. From NMap to Wireshark, we compiled the best open source tools to help you perform better and faster. Read more.

7. Juniper vs. Cisco: 4 Reasons to Go Juniper

At latest count, Juniper isn’t yet dominating the router market. That’s Cisco’s world, but Juniper has managed to nibble on Cisco’s lunch. Juniper now boasts 24% of the market share. While we aren’t saying you should tear down your network and replace it with Juniper. We did make the case, that you should at least become familiar with Juniper, JUNOS, and the Cisco alternatives out there. Read more.

6. Cisco ASA vs. Palo Alto Networks Firewalls

Keith Barker inspired this post. He loves Palo Alto firewalls. Just watch his course on the topic. He’s normally excited, but in those Nuggets, he’s absolutely exuberant. Understandably so, Palo Alto is awesome. Why? Here’s why.

5. 5 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications

By entry-level, we mean IT certifications you can get without any experience. You can probably list a couple off the top of your head. CompTIA A+ probably comes to mind immediately, but we dove into the certification lists to find a few more. Interestingly, they’re mostly hardware certs.

4. CCNA Home Labs Revisited

A while back, Cisco rockstar Jeremy Cioara demonstrated how you could build a very affordable CCNA home lab. Oh sure, you could build a home lab with GNS3 and Wireshark, but there’s nothing like the experience of setting up your very own whirring, blinking technology center. Watch the webinar.

3. 10 Highest Paying IT Certifications

You might notice that these salaries seem inflated. We recognize that. Here’s the thing: we wrote this post with the best data available. Unfortunately, places like San Francisco and New York often skew the best data available. While the salaries might seem inflated, take a look at the certifications themselves. They can actually help you progress your career. Read more.

Pro tip: For a more accurate salary view, punch those dollar amounts into your favorite salary comparison tool.

2. 10 Most Difficult IT Certifications

Based your feedback on this post back in July, it’s apparent you don’t think a couple of these are that difficult. Sure, the CCar is objectively difficult (and expensive). There’s probably a reason why there are only 10 people on the planet with that certification.

We placed the CCNP Security on this list because security is hard. To be great at security, you have to know how everything works, and how everything works together.

We felt as though the other nine exams on this list where objectively difficult. What do you think?

1. What’s New with CCNA v3.0?

Earlier this year, Cisco announced big changes to their flagship certification, CCNA Routing and Switching. Jeremy Cioara released CCENT ICND1 training in October, and he’ll complete his CCNA/ICND2 very soon. You can see Jeremy’s reaction in the 24 hours after Cisco announced the change in this video post.

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll definitely be interested in the other posts later this week, including 53 Strangest CBT Nuggets Search Results and 8 Biggest IT Stories from 2016.

Stay tuned.

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