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7 Excellent Tech Unboxing Videos for Boxing Day


This Boxing Day, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “What’s in the box?!

We took a deep dive into YouTube to give you the best unboxing videos we could find on the hottest consumer tech of 2016.

Ecobee 3

Since Nest gadgets seem to be all the rage, we thought we’d give you an unboxing video of one of their competitors, Ecobee. Because this is just an unboxing video, you can see the actual review and installation here. We’re really good at online IT training, but we’re not as versed in the world of energy-saving home automation devices — yet. So, that’s the end of our commentary. Shop smart!

Google Wifi

There were a bunch of new-ish, easy-to-use, good looking wifi systems introduced to the masses recently. Netgear has Orbi. Google has the simply titled, “Google Wifi” system. Eero has, well, Eero. We don’t actually think you need any of these, however.

As an IT pro, you know all the tricks for setting up a home wireless network, and keeping it free of interference. If not, here’s the CCNA Wireless course, which is probably overkill for setting up a home network, but why not have the best?

NES Classic Edition

If you didn’t get excited earlier this year when the NES Classic was announced, then you were born in the late 1990s. And that’s okay. For the rest us who want a look at the fully operational teeny tiny NES with HDMI out, here’s one of the better unboxing videos. Here’s another one that’s pretty solid.

Amazon Echo

Echo has been around for a couple years now, but it seems Amazon has been pitching its voice-activated information machine/media player especially hard this year. We have no strong feelings about the Echo one way or another. In fact, we primarily mention the Echo to highlight Lamarr. If you’ve never watched Lamarr’s unboxing videos, we warn you. He has a knife.

A $7,500 PC

Is it a clickbait YouTube headline? Yes. Did we click on it? Yes. Are there better PC unboxing videos? That’s a tough one. Aren’t the best mods ones you do yourself? If you’re into modding your PC, you might want to skip this video. You’ll be underwhelmed. They start talking specs at 4:45. In our opinion, you can probably just build it yourself.

Google Pixel with Android 7.1

Are you excited for the Pixel? We are. As you know, Nexus devices have been running Android for half a decade. You probably called the Nexus a Google device anyways, but we’re excited for the prospects of Google actually entering the hardware market. And what better way to train offline than with the CBT Nuggets Android app. Here’s a pretty solid unboxing video that runs down Android 7.1.

Yes, we know Nougat already updated to 7.1.1 update. Here’s more about that.

Playstation 4 Pro

As you might imagine there are plenty of PS4 unboxing videos out there. We viewed quite a few to give you the one we considered the best, and that’s Boogie2988. Read: It’s not boring.


So, we asked, “What’s in the box?” The answer: Lots of cool tech. Even though the holidays are over, it’s not too late to take a look at our top gifts for IT pros. You might find a deal post-holiday season.

From the entire CBT Nuggets team: We look forward to another year providing you with great IT training.


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