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12 Useful Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Training

There’s a right way to train and then there’s, well, some less than ideal strategies. Here’s a handy guide to getting the most out of your training time.

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A few simple strategies that can make your training time more efficient:

DO seek out additional tools like books, flashcards, practice exams, etc.

DON’T use brain dumps to prepare for exams. It’s not a real test of your knowledge and the stakes are too high.

DO register and pay for your exam at the beginning of your studies. This hard deadline will keep you motivated.

DON’T give yourself too much time. A sense of urgency is motivating.

DO set aside specific training time. If you only train when the moment arises, it never will.

DON’T give yourself too much to do. Getting overwhelmed is an easy way to give up on studying.

DO share your goals with others. Public declarations of intention are a great motivator.

DON’T forget why you are pursuing your goal. Keep the reasons why you’re studying in the front of your mind so you don’t lose momentum.

DO recognize setbacks and failures as opportunities to grow and improve. A practice test is a great way to gauge your readiness and identify areas you’ll want to spend more time studying.

DON’T panic. Anxiety in large doses is not productive, so focus instead on what you can do to improve.

DO celebrate your wins! Take the time to recognize your achievements.

DON’T get discouraged! You have lots of opportunities to keep learning and plenty of tools at your disposal.

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