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Outside The Wire Certification Scholarship Winner


The CBT Nuggets Outside the Wire program provides six months of free training to military personnel who are separating from the service. We recognize the tremendous sacrifices made by those who serve and we want to support their efforts to train for a civilian career in IT. For the first year of the program we also offered a certification scholarship to help exceptional applicants cover the cost of their certification exams.

Today we are thrilled to announce the our final certification scholarship winner!


Timothy Quintana

Timothy Quintana was an Information Systems Technician 2nd Class, in the U.S. Navy. He’s currently training for his CCNA with the goal of potentially working in IT for the Veterans Administration so he can, in his own words,  “give back a bit of what (he) received.”

We asked Timothy a few questions about his experience with IT and his future goals.

Why are you passionate about IT?

Where do I even begin? IT is a great way to make our lives easier, to connect people globally, to entertain, and in general, to make the world a better place. It is for all of these reasons, that I have a true passion for IT. I enjoy the challenge of an ever-changing environment, and IT will continue to expand, so the need to support this growth will be ongoing.

How is CBT Nuggets training an integral part of your career development and certification preparation?

CBT Nuggets is an engaging and amazing tool to enhance learning. I used to think that reading a book would facilitate learning, but I was proven wrong with this training. What I enjoyed specifically about the training is having the information broken down into little nuggets that provide just the right amount to learn without feeling overloaded. What makes CBT Nuggets especially beneficial is having access to it anywhere.

What advice do you have for other vets who are looking to enter IT, or develop their skills and pursue career advancement?

Study, Study, Study! There are so many opportunities available to us. Don’t let them go by the wayside and realize later on that one test costs $300-$1500. There are scholarships, assistance for the certification tests, and various other learning platforms that are offered to us. Study every day, even if it is only for 10 minutes. You will thank yourselves later even if it seems pointless at the time. (Editor’s Note:  If you are looking for more ways to fund your certification check out our free e-book guide to establishing your career in Civilian IT.)

What certification are you currently pursuing?

I am currently pursuing CCNA and am doing the two-test route. The first is the ICND1 that I plan to take soon, and in a couple of months will tackle ICND2.

How do you plan to celebrate when you certify?

I plan to celebrate by treating my wife and I to a nice dinner and giving myself a week off of studying before I go back and prep for the next certification. CBT Nuggets has some awesome videos for MCSA Server and I need to brush up on my Python skills.


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