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Get Ready for SQL Server 2016

Since 1989, Microsoft’s SQL Server has helped countless people and organizations store and retrieve their data. Nearly 30 years later, SQL Server is still popular and widely used. In this webinar, CBT Nuggets trainer (and SQL Server wizard) Garth Schulte gets you up to date on the latest version of one of Microsoft’s flagship products!

During an 30 info-packed minutes, Garth highlights five of his favorite SQL Server 2016 features, discusses the three certifications associated with SQL Server 2016, and why SQL Server is still relevant.

Here’s the rundown:

0:33 – Query Store

2:43 – Temporal Tables

5:04 – PolyBase

7:06 – Security & Data Enhancements

10:34 – Stretch Database

12:34 – Overview of the new SQL Server certification track

Garth also answers these three questions:

Can you replicate between on prem and the cloud?

Yes, you can! 

Have there been any versioning changes for 2016 (Express vs Standard vs Enterprise)?

Nope! Same editions as before: Enterprise, Standard, Express, and Developer.

Does the Stretch DB feature have to use Azure or can it use other cloud database services?

Currently, SQL Server 2016 only supports stretching databases to Azure.

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