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Microsoft Office: 6 Tips and Tricks for IT Pros

You probably feel comfortable using Word and PowerPoint. Many people do. If you need to use any advanced features, you click around and figure it out. You might even get fancy in Excel every so often, with a little help from Google.

In this 30-minute webinar, Microsoft Office expert Simona Millham gets you even deeper into Microsoft Office, including:

2:01 – Using Microsoft PowerPoint instead of Photoshop.
2:50 – Using SmartArt to smarten up bulleted lists.

3:44 – Using Document Inspector to remove revisions and sensitive personal information.
4:34 – How to recover a recently closed unsaved document.

6:05 – How to automatically color coordinate your Outlook calendar.
7:17 – How to change the color, typeface, and size of your Outlook font.

In this webinar, Simona only scratched the surface of all that Office can do. If you think you might want to brush up your skills (or maybe even learn a thing or two), then training on Microsoft Office certainly can’t hurt.

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