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Goodbye, G+ Learners Community


Earlier this year, we moved the CBT Nuggets Learners Community from G+ to Slack, a real-time messaging platform, and we found that Slack is perfect for a large, energetic group like ours.

With the migration from G+ to Slack complete, it’s time to officially shutter the G+ community.

We will shut down the G+ community on November 15, 2016.

It’s a bittersweet day, really. The G+ community was active for longer than two years, providing career advice and camaraderie to nearly 1,000 IT professionals. It brought CBT Nuggets Learners together into study groups, allowing them to share exam tips and ask questions. The mentoring program brought 20 people together as mentors and mentees.

That was Learner Community 1.0.

The Slack community is even more energetic than the G+ community with 2,000 active users sharing tips and information in real time. It features the same topic threads on IT security, Cisco, and exam tips. You can talk about industry trends, ask questions, or find a mentor.

Fare thee well, G+ Community. Hello, Slack Learners Community!

You can join this bustling group from the Join our Slack Community button on the right-hand side of any CBT Nuggets course page. Please allow 48 hours for access into the group.
Once you’re in, you can participate in any of the 11 channels covering a wide spectrum of our training, from CompTIA to cloud to network security. Need career advice or mentoring? We’ve got channels for that as well. There’s truly something for everyone.


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