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Best IT-themed Halloween Costumes


IT pros have a world of opportunities for creative costuming at Halloween. And there might be nothing better on Halloween night than sharing an inside-IT joke with fellow techies as you giggle over your clever IT-themed costumes. Here are 10 IT-themed Halloween costume ideas to spice up your night.

  1. Your Favorite CBT Nuggets Trainer
    First, memorize some of your favorite trainer’s catch phrases (i.e., “Let’s begin!” or “I hope this has been informative for you, and I’d like to thank you for viewing!”). Next, dress the part. Make a t-shirt or polo that includes the CBT Nuggets logo (puffy paint can make a fantastic “gg” logo!), wear a headset with a microphone, and carry a small whiteboard on which you illustrate everything you say.
  2. The Galaxy Note 7 … on fire.
    There are a couple of ways to tackle this costume idea: First, dress up as a ball of fire, cleverly hiding the Galaxy logo among the flames. Next, for the DIY experts, create a phone case you can wear (cardboard or foam) that is a replica of the Galaxy Note 7. Then, add the finishing touch: the fire.
    Here’s another take on this costume idea that we just couldn’t ignore.
  3. Twisted Pair (for partners or a group of people)
    Partner up with another person or group of people. Wear clothing that aligns with twisted pair networking cable colors. Color options include solid blue and blue/white stripe; solid orange and orange/white stripe; solid green and green/white stripe; solid brown and brown/white stripe.
    Bonus: if you’re feeling the DIY mojo, take this one up a notch by dressing up as a shielded twisted pair. For a clever interpretation, you can create a shield to accompany your costume.
  4. Net Neutrality
    Create a variety of sizes and shapes of the “=” symbol. Glue or attach the symbols all over a fishing net. Wear it proudly!
  5. Server 2016
    Dress up as a waiter/waitress, complete with a serving tray. On the tray, carry a stack of pages that say “2016” on them and serve them to people. Or, get a bit more creative and hand out other “2016” items to make it more interesting!
  6. RJ45
    Do you just happen to have a 3-D printer? Fantastic! (Seriously, we’re jealous.) Use your 3-D printer to create an RJ45 connector as a mask (or, for the truly ambitious, a helmet). Of course, you could use other DIY methods to create your mask/helmet, including cardboard or foam. Use fabrics to create the appropriate colors for the wires and arrange them sticking up out of the mask or helmet. To complete the look, dress entirely in blue.
  7. Firewall
    This one is for the DIY masters among us. Create a cardboard or foam brick wall that you can wear. (For the less DIY-ers here, you could spend a little extra cash on a brick wall you can wear, courtesy of The next step is to add fire to the costume! You can create flames on the wall itself, or supplement your costume with a wicked good wig.
  8. WiFi
    This is another good one for the talented DIY-ers out there. Using a standard headband, create the WiFi symbol. Cut and attach wire coat hangers to create the angled upright pieces, between which you can create arched lines (pipe cleaners work nicely for this and are lightweight) to represent signal strength. If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, get some battery-operated lights for the arched lines that you can control with a remote. Then, have fun turning off the signal at will!
  9. Windows 10
    This is a costume idea that you can pull off on the cheap. Find a t-shirt you aren’t particularly attached to and prepare it for costumization! Adhere 10 windows to your t-shirt. You can use the Microsoft logo, dollhouse windows (also available from local hobby shops), or just images of 10 house windows. Congrats! You are Windows 10! Bonus: You can go around the party incessantly asking people to upgrade. Be really, really annoying.
  10. Subnet Mask
    Another affordable costume idea? Of course! Find a good hockey mask (or similarly creepy Halloween mask). Stencil or draw 1s and 0s on the face of the mask to represent your 32 bits.

We’d love to hear your ideas for IT-themed Halloween costumes! Post your ideas in the comments below to help us get the Halloween party started!


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