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4 Microsoft Cert Tracks You Didn’t Even Consider


There are significant benefits to getting certified in a technology. On average, if you’re certified, you can earn more than 15 percent than those without a certification. In addition, with a certification on your resume, you’re going to stand out to hiring managers which will increase your chances of landing your dream job by 25 percent.

With your sights set on highly valuable certification behemoths like Server and Windows, it’s easy to forget Microsoft has other certifications.

Here are four Microsoft certification tracks that you probably didn’t even consider.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Getting certified in Office is the lowest hanging fruit of Microsoft certifications. Everyone in the job market claims they’re proficient in Office. It’s a common question whether you should even list Office on your resume. (We actually address this question in another blog post.) Getting certified in Office is an easy way to overcome the “prove it” quandary, and you might learn something along the way, too. There are tons of features and tool sets in Microsoft Office. Completing an Office certification might show you a whole new world.

MCSE: Communication

You might not have considered this certification track because it doesn’t apply to you. Does your office use Skype for Business? What about Office 365? If you answered, “yes” to those questions, then you should definitely consider this Microsoft path. Microsoft retired Lync Server 2013 70-337 last year, and replaced it with Skype for Business certifications. If you already have your Lync certs, then you’re just two Office 365 exams away from getting the valuable MCSE: Communication. Dive into the nuts and bolts of Office 365 today.

MCSE: Business Intelligence

If you’re interested in working as a database designer, this pathway is perfect for you. You might notice some similarities with the MCSE: Data Platform certification path. That’s because they both test your ability to design and build SQL databases. The Business Intelligence certification adds two exams on modeling. No. Not that type of modeling. The type of modeling that wrangles data into usable information for business decisions. Start writing queries with our SQL training.

Microsoft Technology Associate

Unlike the other certification tracks which prove your expertise, you might not have considered this track because you’re already way past it. In that case, you might consider advanced Microsoft certs, like the MCSA Windows tracks. But if you’re just starting out in desktop support, you might want to start with the MTA. Keep in mind, however, MTA is not a required step in your progression to becoming an MCSE. The MTA thoroughly introduces you to IT and the terminology. It’s a great foundation to build upon, and ensures to your employer — or future employers — that you’re capable of the basics in IT. Explore the key features of the most popular OS in the world with Anthony Sequeira.

With these certifications from Microsoft, it’s possible to not only avoid stating the obvious — like claiming familiarity with Microsoft Office — but to stay on the cutting edge of IT.

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