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Why Choose Online Training

There are lots of reasons to invest in training and even more to choose online training for your team. The business case for online training is compelling.

Training can help your team save time and money:

  • Every hour spent training saves five hours of productivity that would be otherwise lost on fixing mistakes and recovering from data loss. CBT Nuggets videos are an average of 20 minutes long, and just one video a day adds up to 82 hours of training for the year. Given that an average IT pro’s salary is $81,000 per year, that adds up to a savings of $16,400 per employee per year.
  • If you forgo training, the consequences for your business can be dire. Studies show that without ongoing training, performance tends to degrade by 25 percent every four years.
  • Training can also be a great tool for retention. Employees who don’t feel supported to achieve career goals are 12 times more likely to consider leaving than employees who do. And it can cost as much as $150,000 to replace a skilled IT employee.

Training can improve your project outcomes:

  • Training and certification of team members is the single biggest predictor of project success.
  • Certified IT staff evaluate and respond to security attacks 26 percent more often.
  • Well-trained teams spend 21 percent less time fixing backup and recovery issues. And they account for an average of $70,000 saved due to security improvements.

Online training maximizes results:

  • Online training requires 40 percent less time than classroom training.
  • CBT Nuggets allows your team to train 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

For more about our sources, and more reasons to choose online training, see the infographic above.

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