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How to Use Mobile Apps and Offline Player


CBT Nuggets offers mobile apps to help learners train on the go! Take advantage of your train commute, your next flight, or some waiting room time at the dentist to sneak in a little training. Download our mobile app from Apple iTunes, the Google Play Store, or Amazon to your favorite mobile device.

Here are some tips to getting more out of your training with our mobile app.

1. Train on the go!
The CBT Nuggets apps allow you to take your training on the road with you! You can train anywhere using your mobile device, allowing you to break free from your desk. Getting away from your desk to train can help minimize distractions while you train. Or, take your mobile device with you to help troubleshoot at work! Whether you’re in the server room, working with an end user, or laying cable, CBT Nuggets trainers can be there to help you get the job done right.

2. Train even without a connection using the Offline Player!
CBT Nuggets apps allow you to download up to 10 hours of training content to your device, freeing you up to train even without an internet connection. Download your next course of training and get in some quality training time on your next long flight!

3. The dual screen training experience.
Hands-on experience is critical to your training success! Use the mobile app on your mobile device to watch your training, while simultaneously work within your lab environment. Using both your mobile device and your laptop or desktop allows you to have a dual screen experience that improves your skills and knowledge.

4. Sync it up!
The CBT Nuggets app automatically syncs up with your online CBT Nuggets profile, allowing you to keep track of your training in both locations. If you ever want to ensure that the sync is current, you can sync manually in the app settings.

5. No more killing time!
With the CBT Nuggets mobile apps, you don’t have to kill time anymore. Now, if you’re stuck in the waiting room at your dentist, waiting for your kids to get done with practice, or stuck at the mechanic’s office, you can make good use of the time by training! Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, use your time well to grow and challenge yourself.

Using the CBT Nuggets app and offline player can help you be more effective and efficient in your training. Take full advantage of these excellent tools to get more out of your training today!

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Not a CBT Nuggets subscriber? Start your free week now.

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  1. Digaum Spider says:

    If only I could play the videos and listen to them with the Android Screen off (while I’m on my way to the train, for example), then it would be really useful.
    As it stands, if you turn the screen off, or switch the app focus, it will stop playing.
    Is there a way around this limitation?


  2. Sean says:

    Every time I try to download a video it says I don’t have enough free space. I have 1gb of free space on my phone. Do you know how much space I need? I have gone into the settings and selected the low quality video for download


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