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From the Trainers: Best Career Advice


This week, we looked at reasons to leave your current job and reasons to stay, ways to lay groundwork for your next job at your current one, and even provided some IT advice from the legendary Bruce Lee (yes, that Bruce Lee).

We also asked our trainers a single question: What’s the best career advice you ever received?

Here’s what they had to say.

Vote early, and vote often. No, that’s political advice … Do what you love, because life is too short to wait for happiness. My former boss, the superintendent of the school where I got my first career job told me that shortly before he retired. He retired because he no longer enjoyed his job. – Shawn Powers

Project Management is FUN! Give it a try, I think you will like it. – Steve Caseley

I was once told – “Hey Anthony, you are good, and you are going to hear Sales and Marketing telling the world what an incredible trainer you are … but my advice to you is NEVER believe your own press!” This has kept me consistently improving my training abilities for students ever since!  – Anthony Sequeira

From a close friend: Your career is all about your relationships. Who you know and how you’re perceived is always more important than what you know. – Jeremy Cioara

Best advice I ever received: Even when you’re right and you’ve been wronged, take the high road and never burn bridges from your side. – Chris Ward

Two things: 1. Do what you love. 2. It’s unlikely to be a career for life — be prepared to adapt. – Simona Millham

Your career is bigger than a job. Your career is the sum of your jobs, skills, relationships, training, and education. Everyone’s path will be different. Find your path, and conquer it.

And, of course, keep training.

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